Disney’s Aladdin Soars Onscreen in the New Live-Action Remake

In a live-action adaptation of Disney’s classic animated movie “Aladdin”, charming street-rat Aladdin, courageous and confident Princess Jasmine and the Genie appear once again onscreen in a vibrant empowering story that will enchant young viewers and delight older generations who remember the beloved original film.

For small children, it’s a must-see. For those who have seen the animated movie and loved it, you’ll probably enjoy this one and find it interesting to compare the differences between the two.

The main difference in this version of the story is Jasmine’s character. In the original, she’s a strong-willed female character who still stayed within Disney’s “damsel in distress” princess archetype. However, in this one, she breaks out of her typical princess role, and her character is more empowered and confident, which is truer to the personalities of women today.

At first, I was worried about Will Smith’s Genie trying to recreate Robin William’s brilliant and beloved animated character. Instead, Will Smith creates a character that’s both a respectful homage to Robin Williams and who is also clearly Will Smith, not trying to be his predecessor.

Our main complaint about the film is that it’s yet another live-action recreation of an original movie. It’s just the same story over again, with real people and CGI instead of animation. We continue to pine for the days when smaller companies like Pixar came up with unique and interesting stories and didn’t try to make up for unoriginal tales with how beautiful and realistic the new film technologies are.

Aladdin flies into theaters nationwide on May 24, 2019.

Watch the official trailer for the movie here:


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