Steps to Take Before Calling for Residential Furnace Repair

When your furnace stops working, it is never at the right time. If the outdoor temperatures are going down and the furnace isn’t working, you may think it’s time to call for residential furnace repair in Loveland, Colorado. But, before you pick up the phone and start dialing,take some time to do basic troubleshooting. You may be able to fix the problem without waiting for a heating technician.

Furnace Filters

Did you know that your furnace’s filters may be the cause of your furnace not working? Those filters help to keep dust and particulates from entering the inside of your furnace and clogging it up. However, if you don’t clean or change them regularly, they can get clogged. A clogged filter prevents air from getting inside the furnace. This, in turn, can cause heat and pressure to buildup. A modern furnace will turn off if this happens. Change the filter and try to restart the furnace.

Verify the Thermostat Is Working Properly

The thermostat in your home controls the way your furnace works. If the thermostat is not set properly, it will prevent the heat from coming on. First of all, make sure the thermostat is turned on and set for heating mode. Then,check that it is set to a temperature that will let the furnace kick on and off properly. You would be surprised at how often our technicians go out for a furnace repair call just to reset the thermostat.

Make Sure the Circuit Breaker Is On

Even if your furnace runs off gas instead of electricity, it still requires electricity to power the blower. One of the first things you should check is to see if the circuit breaker is tripped. If it is, reset the breaker and see if the furnace starts to work. If it keeps tripping, there may be an electrical problem in the circuit or the furnace. Let a professional handle it from there.

Make Sure the Furnace Switch Is On

Some modern furnaces have a switch on or near them. If the switch gets turned off, the furnace will not work. Make sure the switch is on before you make a call for residential heating system repair in Loveland, Colorado.

See If There Are Flashing Lights

If you have an older furnace, check the control panel for flashing lights. Older models, those manufactured in the 1990s, will often use lights to indicate a problem. When you see flashing lights, check the furnace paperwork or the manufacturer’s website to see what the lights mean. It can tell you if you need professional help or not.

Give yourself a few minutes to figure out what might be wrong with your furnace before you give us a call. It can save you time and money. But, if you find that you still need help, call us right away. We are here to help you with any residential heating system repair in Loveland, Colorado.

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