Qualities to Look For in the Plumbing Company You Hire

Choosing the right plumber in Denver will mean you will receive quality service and professional work. Picking the wrong one could lead to improperly fixed connections which could break in the near future, leading to a potential disaster. A professional plumber not only knows his trade, he also respects his customers who keep him in business. Doing quality work while respecting homeowners and their house will ensure that he gets great recommendations.

Your Time is also Valuable

If a plumber is running late or cannot make it on the scheduled day, he will call the homeowner for rescheduling. Everyone’s time is valuable, and a good plumber will respect and value your time as well. This shows he cares about you as a customer and a person.

Respecting Your Home

Having respect for your house is good business etiquette. A professional plumber and his crew will not track mud and dirt into your house; they will make sure your carpet and furniture are covered before walking across them. A plumber that tracks mud on a carpet shows lack of respect for the house and customer. After the end of the work day, they will pick up their tools and clean up any mess that was created.

Being Prepared

A professional will arrive at the job site with the tools he needs for the job that he bid on. He will not have to run back to his shop for additional tools.An unscrupulous plumber might try this and charge for additional time and fuel over the estimate that was given. If any complications or emergencies arise,the plumber will explain to the homeowner what else needs to be done. He should have quick access to additional tools that would be needed in this case.

If a professional plumber runs into bad electrical problems while doing are model job, he will explain to the customer the problem which is out of his field of training. He will recommend a qualified electrician be brought in to fix the problem correctly before continuing with the work. A professional will not try to hide a potential problem that could arise in the future.

Proper Credentials

When asking a professional plumbing company if they are properly insured,licensed, and bonded, they should readily show you the proper credentials and give references of prior work. All licensing should be checked to see if everything is current and up to date. When contacting references from past jobs, you should inquire about their punctuality, attitude, and quality of the work that they have done.


A professional plumbing service will give a detailed list of materials, labor,and approximately how long the job will take. If any surprises surface during the job, the plumber should explain what happened and what extra materials and time will be required to complete the job.

Communicating with the Customer

Whether the plumber is fixing a broken water line or installing a new shower in the bathroom, you will probably have questions about the job. A professional plumber, like SWAN Plumbing,  Heating & Air of Denver, will explain things to you and make sure you understand before continuing the work. They should also explain other options and why they are doing things a certain way.


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