Denver Date Night: Screaming Fun Date (adults and teens alike!)

Last night I had a screaming good time with my date at the Haunted Field of Screams and in the Dead Mans Night Maze! Haunted Field of Screams was kind of enough to set us up with VIP passes to try each of the three attractions they run.

header_imageWe first entered the Dead Mans Night Maze. The VIP pass allowed us to jump to the front of the line, nice! We were given some basic information about the maze before we passed through the door at the entrance of the maze. There are three buildings in the maze to pass through before you can find the exit, each of them themed and frightening. There are also actors wandering the maze to heighten the tension by being generally creepy or by jumping out of the corn to startle you. The costumes and make-up was generally very well done and ranged from creepy dead girls to disgusting animal/human hybrids. It took us about 30 minutes to get through the maze although you could spend more time if you get turned around a bit.

Next up was a cup of hot chocolate! It was a bit chilly so having something to warm up with was nice, there were other snack and drink options available.

We then dared to enter the Haunted Field of Screams itself! Once again the VIP passes were worth it as we bypassed the line. Again some quick instructions before we set off. Rather than a maze the haunted field is a path cut through the corn with “attractions” set along the route. The “attractions” included a school bus and house, a fun-house, an asylum, and our favorite was a Norman Rockwell style house given over to Tim Burton to make creepy. As in the maze actors were wandering the path. It took us about 45 minutes to get through the field, we were stuck behind a slower group, you may make it faster.

We did not make it to the Zombie Paintball Massacre, although it got rave reviews from some boys that we saw going in to it.

The attractions produced some “jump” moments for us and we could hear screams from the corn although we managed not to scream. We had a lot of fun, my favorite part was definitely the way my date held onto my hand and at one point buried her face in my back, but not because she was scared. You should check it out if you have free evening and want to hold hands, tightly.

Haunted Field of Screams

10270 Riverdale Road, Thornton CO 80229
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