He said/She said, a “duet” at the new Voicebox Karaoke

He said/She said – would you take two groups of kids on a date to a karaoke bar? We did!

“How would you and your kids like to go to karaoke with me and my kids?”

Karaoke? I can’t sing, I don’t want to get up in front of a bunch of strangers and embarrass myself. Could you possibly have a worse idea? Now, in a rare moment of self control, I managed to keep these thoughts in my head and what came out of my mouth was simply, “Sure, that sounds like fun”.

Well, he can’t sing, but I LOVE to sing – my kids hate it, but are used to me bursting into song in the car, so that was a good start!

voicebox1Voicebox, located in the RiNo district near downtown, welcomed us in and showed us to our private room which accommodated up to ten, which is their “Regular” Suite, other rooms are available for larger parties. The room was spacious enough that everyone could sit on the couches, my 16 year old to sat in the corner on her phone pretending she wasn’t singing along to the songs!, or get up and dance around.  The lighting was fun, disco ball, and the sound was good. The controls to add and move selections in the queue was easy and accessible to everyone via phone, even my tech challenged date!  The selection of songs was varied enough to have something everyone wanted to try.

After the hostess finished explaining the system and left the fun started. They started with karaoke all stars Don’t Stop Believing and Bohemian Rhapsody before my twelve year old took over with Everything is Awesome!  Then we launched into a duet of Love Shack.  I did an admirable job of Add It Up before giving the mics back to the kids.  Did I mention the uncomfortable 16 year old? She got up and sang a duet with her not-so-introverted 14 year old brother!  voicebox2My not so introverted kids sang and danced to everything!  Everyone found multiple songs they wanted to add to the queue and before we knew it we were having to pick and choose what we really wanted to fit in.

There was a ton of dancing, bad singing, and a lot of fun!
And it was fun, I mean Fun with a capital “F” Fun!

Do I want to go sing karaoke at a bar in front of a bunch of strangers? No. Yes, but that’s another conversation (and maybe another date).

Would I go back to Voicebox? You bet. Absolutely!

At $85 an hour it was really a bargain! The food was amazing and they delivered drinks and food to the room (which I love – easy for me!). Prime hours (which are more expensive) are 7pm-2am Friday and all day Saturday.  One thing to be aware of is that if you take teens you need to make sure your session is wrapped up by 9:00 when they turn into a 21 and over establishment.


Denver RiNo

2601 Walnut St.

Denver, Colorado 80205

(720) 458-7006

Friday: 4pm–2am

Saturday: 2pm–2am

Sunday: 2pm–12am

Mon-Thurs: 4pm–12am


Under 21 welcome until 9pm Mondays – Thursdays and 7pm Fridays – Sundays. No alcohol served in suites when minors are present.


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