The LEGO Movie 2: A Brilliant Sequel That Both Kids and Parents Will Enjoy

The first LEGO movie was a great surprise to many people. It was a funny and heartwarming film filled with clever humor, lovable characters, and a song that would get stuck in your head even to this day. So after two mostly well received spin-off films, we finally have a sequel to the original film that started it all. So how does the film hold up compared to the last one? While I’m sad to say that it isn’t better than the original, I can say that, without a doubt, the film manages to stay on par with the first film in terms of quality.

The film takes place five years after the original film where the city of Bricksburg has become an apocalyptic wasteland where Emmet has now become the only positive person in the town, to the other residents’ dismay. But when a mysterious alien of the Sis-star system kidnaps Lucy and the rest of Emmet’s friends, it’s up to Emmet to get them back while meeting some new friends along the way. The story, while sounding pretty basic, was a surprisingly fun time filled with humor that both kids and adults will enjoy. From pop cultural references to just downright silly humor, this film managed to get a laugh from both kids and adults all the way to the finish, and that’s not even scratching the surface. The cast from the previous film returns with more laughs and is almost just as memorable with hilarious dialogue and great voice talent from the actors and actresses behind the scenes.

This film also has a heart-warming final act that could be enjoyed equally by both adults and kids. Even teenagers would get a kick out of the powerful message this film brings to the table. To add to some of the great parts of this film, the animation manages to be just as beautiful as it was in the first film. Everything from explosions to dust are all made up of individual LEGO bricks and it is visually stunning. The most surprising part of the film comes from the fact that it is not just a regular LEGO movie, but is in fact a musical this time around, and it is handled better than I ever expected. With a balance of both regular scenes and music numbers, it manages to blend both of them together successfully in a way that isn’t intrusive or out of place in any moment.

This is very fast-paced movie and, as a result, some scenes can feel rushed or just incredibly short. I recommend watching the film twice in order to get all the jokes or to have an enjoyable experience that wouldn’t make an hour and a half feel like thirty minutes. Another problem I had is that some of the jokes feel rehashed from the first film and, although they still managed to get a good laugh from me, felt a little too predictable because they were reused. For parents wanting to take their kids to this film, I recommend watching the movie first beforehand, because the opening of this film takes place immediately after the last one. Overall, the humor, emotion, voice work, animation, and story are the “kragle” that holds this film together and help it stand as a great sequel to the original film. Despite its pacing issues, rehashed jokes, and a beginning that leaves this sequel only to be desired by those who have seen the previous film, it still has a lot to admire for everybody of any age. Whether it be teenagers, kids, or full-grown adults, there is something here that everybody can love.

I’m going to give The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, an 8.5/10.


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