HO HO HO Ham Salad & Grinch Soup

What to do when you have left-over ham from Christmas or New Year’s Day dinner? One of my co-workers just asked that exact question. So myself and a few others at work gave her suggestions. She said she has a small child who will not want to eat those things. I explained to her what I did when my son was young: make the name fun and they just might try it and like it. So here goes…

HO HO HO Ham salad

About 3 cups ground up ham (I use and old-fashioned grinder. A food processor would also work)

8 or 9 medium-sized sweet pickles

Miracle Whip (mayonnaise if you prefer that)

Grind ham and pickles, slowly add miracle whip until you get the right consistency

You can serve this on crackers, croissants, rolls, or bread to make a tasty sandwich.

Grinch soup

Ham bone

Leftover ham, cut up into pieces

4-5 large potatoes, peeled and cut onto medium sized cubes

6 large carrots, peeled and sliced

1 bag dried peas

Boil ham bone for an hour or so.

Remove bone. To broth add dried peas and ham. Simmer for about 2 hours until peas are cooked through. You might need to add water during this process; the peas soak up the liquid. While cooking the peas, in 2 separate pots, boil the carrots and potatoes until cooked through. When the peas are cooked add potatoes and carrots; heat through for 15 minutes. Add seasonings to taste and serve.


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