Healthy Family, Happy Family: Kickboxing is a fun way to push yourself!

Healthy Family, Happy Family: Kickboxing is a fun way to push yourself!

2018 is a new year and here at Denver Parent we are making a commitment to a more active lifestyle. Join us on our adventures.

ILKB (I Love Kickboxing) and you can too! My boyfriend, of a bit more than a year now, dragged me to a kickboxing class at ILKB in Northglenn. I was hesitant, at best, to give it a try. He talked about how they did squats and burpees (not my favorite things) and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I was right! The workout was brutal and I could not keep up with him, but I didn’t need to. The coaches were great and encouraged me to do what I could and to push myself, not to try and keep up with the rest of the group. I found myself working hard and having fun? Could this actually be fun? I decided that it was indeed fun and ended up getting a membership so I could go regularly. I then talked my teenage daughter into going and trying a class and she loved it, as did my boyfriends son. Who knew that ILKB would turn into family together time?

ILKB is an international company with franchises all over the United States and in two other countries. The ILKB in Northglenn, that I go to, is owned and managed by Monica and staffed by some of the nicest and most motivational coaches I have ever worked with. The workout is intense, but everyone moves at their own pace and I see all types of people in the classes, from very fit to less fit than I am. At the end of the squats, burpees, running, punching, kicking, stretching, and sweating I am worn out, and smiling.

Check out their website where you can get introductory classes that come with a pair of free gloves. In the motivational words of one of my favorite coaches, “Get there, Get there!”


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