Wacky Apple, Colorado made, a great product that shares our values!

I don’t endorse products unless I’m really a huge fan AND I love giving kudos to quality local companies – in this case, Wacky Apple meets all of my criteria – healthy, my kids love it and it’s local – what’s not to love?

Wacky Apple Company is a Colorado, family owned and operated company located on the Western Slope in the town of Hotchkiss.  They have been growing organic apples of over 30 years!

The snacks were developed just 3 years ago when… “a family member came home from Elementary School in Denver with her ‘afternoon snack.’ A snack packed full of High Fructose Corn Syrup, no nutritional value and something she didn’t even want to eat. This is when we, as a family realized, we wanted to create a healthy, delicious snack, designed and packaged for kids that they will want to eat!” (sounds like how most of us feel – doesn’t it?)

Giving Back to the community:

Wacky Apple has just donated over fourteen thousand dollars in fresh fruit and products – applesauce, juices, flat fruit – to The Food Bank of The Rockies for Kids Backpacks!

Another way Wacky Apple has taken the fruits of their family business AND their mission to provide local, organic and delicious foods to kids is by donating over $14,000  worth of our Wacky Apple applesauce, juices and flat fruit to The Food Bank of the Rockies to include in their kids backpacks!

Wacky Apple also practices organic sustainable farming and believes in a small carbon footprint!!

Wacky Apple is available in all Rocky Mountain Whole Foods and all King Soopers and City Markets across Colorado.

Fall Comfort Food + Cook with your Kids!

Try the Wacky Apple recipes::  applesauce cake + cupcakes – OR – Wacky Apple applesauce and granola pancakes.  The applesauce makes the pancakes so moist and delicious – a feat for any high altitude chef!



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