Cute as can be – SuperMe Cape Backpacks

I can’t keep up with what superhero my son is at any given moment. It wouldn’t be so bad, but he kind of expects me to know when he is a superhero and when he is simply my little man. Though momma has eyes in the back of her head, I apparently forgot to pick up my superhero goggles before I decided I wanted to join the world. Lucky for me that my superhero now has his very own cape!

When we first opened it, I actually stared at it for a minute wondering where in the world the cape was going to come from and at first wondered if it came separately because the backpack was so light. My son took the backpack and all of a sudden there was a cape and a mask and he had already switched the badge to super swimmer! He was running to the table to fill out his SuperMe card and was getting ready to save the day! My son liked the backpack so much that he actually told me that he thinks he might want to be “SuperMe” for Halloween.

The backpack is very sturdy, and it even has a clasp on the front-which is extremely important since superheroes need to keep their hands free to save the day! The backpacks (and masks) come in different colors for boys and girls, and even unisex so your kids can share. They also have messenger style lunch bags that complete the whole ensemble when the strap turns into a SuperMe utility belt! There are so many fun badges that you can switch out, such as:

  • Soccer
  • Cyclist
  • Pirate
  • Baker
  • Rocker
  • Swimmer
  • Fashionista and more!

Unfortunately my son is required to carry a full-size backpack to kindergarten so this backpack is too small for school, but it would have been WONDERFUL for preschool (and is perfect for my daughter!) The backpack is perfect for the few items that preschoolers need. Plus, being SuperMe helps those that are scared feel braver.

Though it may be too small for him to take to school, his SuperMe backpack gets use every day. He fills it up with all of his SuperHero “necessities” that he needs for everyday saving, such as a flashlight and his goggles and his shields and such. I think it is a great toy for the kids and a very unique gift, especially to encourage creative and imaginative play!

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