Spring Break Recipes by Jadie Aranda

Kids love being off school for spring break, but if we don’t have a trip planned, my kids get bored faster than a stick of bubblegum loses flavor. With boredom comes many trips to the kitchen to get snacks, whether they are hungry or not.

Instead of just boring chips or carrots this spring break, occupy your kids’ needs for creativity with these three recipes that will blow their minds! It’s taking something ordinary and turning it upside down that makes these foods winners for the spring break blues. They’ll love making them as much as they’ll love eating them.

Donut Apples from Delish

The fun never stops with these donut apples. They are apple slices… that look like donuts! My kids love decorating these apple slices to look like donuts, including sprinkles. Sometimes they decorate more than they can eat – but that’s alright, because I am right there with them, ready to chow down. This is a fun, healthy snack to share when your kids have friends over, too. It’s one recipe they can’t stop talking about!

Chocolate Chip Pancake Poppers from Eat My Science

It doesn’t matter what I’m baking in my mini muffin pan – as soon as I get it out, the kids want to help! They love making pancakes anyway because they get to measure out all the ingredients. This recipe is a convenient way to make a batch of pancakes all at once, and the mini muffin shape makes them more enticing to the kids.

As a bonus, these already have the syrup in the recipe, so there’s no need for the random stickiness to end up in all the wrong places at the hands of young children! Not that I’ve had that happen before – ahem.

Lady Bug Pops from Giada de Laurentiis

You can puree just about anything, pour it into ice cube trays, and freeze for a fun treat. But these ladybug pops from Giada de Laurentiis are simply adorable! It’s the blueberries that take these pops from a red ice cube to a ladybug. These are a hit with any age, but especially the younger kids. They do require time for freezing, though, so make them in the morning as a fun activity and enjoy them in the afternoon for a refreshing, healthy treat!

Sometimes spring break can feel like a drag, but if you plan it right, you can have a blast without even leaving the house. Add these recipes to your list and beat that spring break boredom!


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