Photo by Georgia Maciel from Pexels

I just put you to bed, but I miss you already

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I see her chest raise gently up, then slowly back down, over and over as to not skip a beat. Her hand is tucked tightly under her chin, and a perfect curl lay across her beautiful porcelain skin. I admire her long eyelashes, and wish I had them for myself. I love her perfectly placed dimple on her left cheek that she inherited from her daddy. I could stare at her all night. I want to kiss her cheek, but I don’t want to disrupt her perfect melody of sleeping. I wonder what she’s dreaming about. Why does she have an ever so simple smile across her face?

I want to protect her from the scary dreams. To check her closet for scary monsters as many times as she needs, so she can peacefully fall asleep, without a worry in her beautiful, creative mind.  I want to stay by her all throughout the night so she knows I’m always by her. I miss her. I can’t wait for our next adventure together. I can’t wait till she wakes up in the morning with her, “I missed you mommy!” like she always tells me, almost like we’ve been apart for weeks. I can’t wait for our morning hug, and when I ask her, “how did you sleep? Did you have good dreams?” curious as ever as to what happened in that growing mind.

As I stare at her beauty, my mind races to the future. I want her to be brave and courageous. To do the right thing even when it can be hard. I want her to include all those around her, and to be kind to everyone. I want her to be loyal and loving, but most of all, to be her radiant self that people are naturally drawn to.

I soak up the peace and quiet that surrounds just us. Almost like a force field is around us. So much commotion can be going around us, but I tune it out. Right now, it’s just us. I grew her. I made her. How is she already so grown? I thank the stars above for her health, and ask that she have a lifetime of health – I could not bare this world without her. She is my joy.  At this time, I feel like our hearts are beating the same rhythmic tune. Connected. I could be doing a million other things, but I miss her. The moment I put her to bed, I long for her. Even when our days are long, and we both might be a little more emotional than normal, I will always want to be near her.

So sleep my little one. Sleep peacefully, and soundly. Know that I love you, and long for our fun day tomorrow.  Know that you will always be my baby, and that before I can go to bed peacefully with a sound mind, I always put you first.

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