Frozen 2, don’t take the boys!

So, this title isn’t totally correct, but honestly this is a great movie for empowering girls and sensitive guys. I think there are two possible audiences for the new “Frozen 2”, one is your elder teen, early 20-something daughter who saw the first Frozen and loved it – they won’t be disappointed and will love the nostalgia of revisiting some of their favorite characters. The second is all those up and coming Frozen fans who are going to LOVE this movie and the characters in it.  So, get ready to break out your little Elsa’s and Olaf’s FROZEN costumes (you may have to convince your older kids that they don’t fit anymore!) and enjoy this magical return to Arrendelle.

In Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2,” Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) learns that a voice has been calling Elsa, urging her to venture into the unknown where she must face the spirits of nature—wind, fire, earth and water. As Elsa’s powers grow and change, the time has come to find out just where they came from. All of your favorite characters set off to find out the source of Elsa’s powers.

Frozen 2, above all else, is a stunningly beautiful film. The work that went into animating this sweeping epic story is amazing and we’re once again treated to clever lines from Olaf’s and surprised by an expanded story line about Kristoff.  Disney portrays him as a supportive boyfriend and not a “rescuer”. There is a great scene where he could have saved Anna and instead says, “I’m here, what do you need?”

Without spoiling anything, Elsa does NOT meet a handsome prince and furthermore Anna and Elsa are in pants during this movie, but still gorgeous enough costumes that every little girl will want to dress like them for the next year! There’s also a focus on indigenous people that Disney avoids making into caricatures. It seems Disney is growing up and learning how to blend in with the world we live in.

If all of this isn’t enough, the soundtrack is also beautiful. It’s out now and Panic at the Disco’s version of “Into the Unknown” is great!

How Kid-friendly is Frozen 2?

Frozen 2 is safe for kids as far as language or sexual content is concerned. It’s rated G and deserves that rating.

The violence is not non-existent however, if your child is sensitive or easily startled. Again, without giving anything away, one of the characters does seem to “die” at one point (they don’t) and that could be very upsetting for that portion of the film.

The tragic ending of Anna and Elsa’s parents is also discussed, which could be concerning to smaller children or kids who have dealt with death.

Possibly the biggest barrier is that your child might not “get” all of it and the movie is 1 hour and 43 minutes, but they will still love the characters, the costumes, the music and again, it’s a beautiful movie.  


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