Twenty-One of the Best Sensory Products to Help Your Colorado Kid Thrive

For parents of special needs kids, finding the right products can be difficult. So, here’s a list of the best weighted blankets, lap pads, noise-reducing headphones, and fidget and sensory toys to help guide you to find what your child needs.

Locally Made Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads


MiraCalm weighted blankets are tailored to the customer, so it’s best to go to the physical store in Colorado Springs. However, blankets can also be bought on its website, in many different sizes, weights, and materials.

​​Address: 2230 West Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs CO 80904

H&H Weighted Blanket 

This Boulder-based company creates wool blankets filled with quiet, soft, recycled shredded denim. Weighted blankets come in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be purchased online as eight pounds, 15 pounds, or 20 pounds.

Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads by Grandma Lisa

This Parker-based company creates custom lap pads and affordable, quality weighted blankets in patterns or colors of your choice. The owner started the company after her granddaughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, and her therapist recommended the use of a weighted blanket, many of which were too expensive. She works to keep her prices low for the parents who need weighted blankets, and who have mounting medical bills, like her own family. You can read the rest of her story here.

Weighted Lap Pad 

This soft, hand-crafted lap pad is perfect for kids 40lbs to 60lbs or adults who prefer lightweight pressure. It’s portable for school, meals, and travel, and comes in over 20 different colors and patterns.

Noise-Reducing Headphones

Baby Banz Earmuffs – 31db, 0-2+ years old

These earmuffs are lightweight, durable, and fold up easily for going to events. The super soft padding keeps infants comfortable in loud environments while resting around the ears to keep from pinching or squeezing. The earmuffs come in many different colors and patterns. The fit will vary by child, so if your child is between sizes, it’s better to order up a size.

 AmazonBasics Noise Reduction Safety Earmuffs – 23db, kids and adults

This is one of the best pairs of noise-reduction ear muffs, for both kids and adults, perfect for those with mild to moderate sensitivities to noise. An adjustable headband ensures a secure fit, which makes this product great for all ages, but can be slightly painful over long periods of time.

Mpow [Upgraded] 035 Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs – 29db, kids and adults

This lightweight, compact, portable earmuffs come with a travel drawstring bag for easy travel. They’re perfect for those with moderate-to-severe sensitivities to noise and include an ergonomically-designed adjustable twist-resistant headband that stays close to your head without causing pressure.

Fidget Toys

Fidget Spinners – choking hazard, three yrs and up

These popular fidget toys spin around smoothly and come in many different colors and sizes. They’re perfect for fitting in your pocket for someone who wants a small, simple, and discrete toy – which makes them fun for all ages 3 years and older.

Magnetic Building Balls – choking hazard, 14 yrs and up

These small, five mm magnetic balls can be molded into different shapes with your fingers and make great desk toys for older kids and adults. However, it can be an easy choking hazard or easily swallowed, so be aware if you’re buying them for younger children.

Tangle Toys – choking hazard, three yrs and up

These twisty toys are fun to move, turn, and manipulate for hours on end. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, which makes them available to all ages. 

Fidget cubes – includes chain ring toy, choking hazard, six yrs and up

Fidget cubes are edge-rounded cubes with different buttons, toggles, and switches. It fits in the palm of your hand and comes with a case so you can toss it in a bag or keep on a desk. The joystick and the switch click quietly, which makes this cube less distracting than most, but has a sound for those who like the satisfaction of clicky noises.

Jacob’s Ladder – little kids, five yrs and up

A brightly colored mesmerizing optical illusion toy that can provide hours of fun for your little ones.

Chain ring toy – choking hazard, three yrs and up

This silent, quarter-sized toy flips in and out smoothly to keep your fingers busy while your mind is working. Made of clean bike chains, these toys are for heavy-duty fidgeters, and will not rust or corrode. They come in several different colors and are perfect for older than three years since it is a choking hazard.

Stretchy Mice and Cheese – choking hazard, five yrs and up

These stretchy mice and cheese can be pulled, squished, and fidgeted with. They’re durable and easy to clean and great for playing with at a desk or at home. The mice are not attached, so be careful of pets and children that have the tendency to swallow small toys. 

Monkey Ring / Hedgehog Ring – little kids

Monkey and Hedgehog Rings are spikey durable rings made of thermoplastic rubber for tactile and sensory stimulation. They’re dishwasher safe, and perfect for classrooms, homes, or offices.

Oral-Sensory Toys

Munchables Chewable Dog Tags – ages five and up

These BPA-free silicone dog tags help prevent chewing on fingers, clothes, and pencils in the form of a discrete kid’s necklace hung on a durable cord. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Munchables also has many other necklace designs, so if this one doesn’t fit, you’ll probably find one you like on their website.

Chew Brick Chewable Pencil Toppers – ages five and up

Keep your kids from chewing all of their pencils! Chew Brick Pencil Toppers provide a silicone chewing aid for mild to moderate chewers, shaped like Lego bricks. They come in several different vibrant colors and are cleaned using soap and hot water. These toys are not meant for aggressive chewers, so if they begin to crack or show significant wear, make sure to replace them immediately.

Visual-Sensory Toys

Dream Rotating Projection Lamp

This beautiful star projection lamp is perfect for both children and adults, with an automatic timer which can be set from five to 95 minutes. Take off the lampshade to use the 360-degree starlight projector, or put it on to use the lamp as a colorful nightlight. Press the “color conversion” button to select from several different relaxing colors that can be used both in the projector and the nightlight settings.

Magic Diamonds Projection Lamp

With three different space themes (Magical Universe, Starry Star, and Happy Birthday) and six relaxing lighting effects, this projection lamp and nightlight is both colorful and beautiful. The projection lamp comes with a light intensity setting and an option to rotate the image, which makes it one of the most versatile light shows, great for both kids and adults.

Toysmith Jumbo Spiral Glitter Wand –  36 months – 15 years

Made of tough, clear plastic, this glitter wand is filled with swirling color and vibrant specs of color that dance and swirl with every movement. It’s great for costumes and make-believe, or just for watching, mesmerized, as the glitter glides down the wand.

Bubble Timer – all ages

This mesmerizing colorful visual stimulant is great for both kids and adults. Watch as bubbles of color travel down rhythmically in slow motion. The droplets can even make the striped wheels spin inside one of the bottles.