Father’s Day Fun

We love our dads and wanted to find a way to celebrate them this Father’s Day, June 16th. Our dads love to be appreciated, and Father’s Day is one opportunity to demonstrate all the love that we have for the men who teach us so much.

Denver Parent compiled a list of different ways that you can treat your dad for Father’s Day.

Take Your Dad Out to Eat

Pizza for the Pop

Everybody loves a good piece of pizza! Take your dad out for a treat to a pizzeria near you. Pizza is simple but the simple dish is easy to bond over.

Special Spin on Seafood

The Wild Standard in Boulder is preparing a special land n’ sea special for Father’s Day. If your dad likes seafood then taking him out to dinner for fillet and shrimp should prove to be a good time.

Homemake a Meal

An evening in can be just as nice as a night out. Find a new recipe to try out as a special Father’s Day meal or cook something tried and true for him to let him know that you really care. He’s sure to appreciate the gesture.

Do Something Fun With Your Dad

Ride Rollercoasters

Elitch Gardens is great if you want to go to a theme park for Father’s Day. They just introduced a new Meow Wolf ride this summer called Kaleidoscope. If you’re looking to cool down, Elitch Gardens also has a water park.  

Denver BBQ Festival

The Second Annual Denver Barbeque Festival is a great place to hang out with your dad over Father’s Day weekend. At the Broncos Stadium, you can enjoy barbeque, drinks, and music. Entry is free but you can buy VIP passes online.

Pamper Him With a Pedicure

Take your dad to get his toenails done and his feet pampered. Everyone deserves a bit of pampering! Your dad will enjoy chilling in a massage chair.

Get Your Dad a Gift

Complete His Grill Set

One thing dads are known to enjoy at least every now and then is a good ole barbeque. If your dad already has a grill you can pick him up some grill accessories. Spare parts, a set of heat-resistant gloves, or an extra-long spatula could be an asset to his barbecue skills.

Golfing in Style

Add something to his golfing equipment: golf grips, golf balls and more. If your dad likes to golf he probably needs a little something so he can be prepared on the course.

Make Sure He’s Taking Care of His Hair

Make sure your dad is taking care of himself by getting him some hair products. Adding something nice to his hair care routine can increase his self-confidence, and your dad deserves to feel good.

Support His Sports Team

Does your dad have his favorite team’s jersey? Does he have his favorite player’s jersey? Make sure he does so he can support the teams he loves and let everyone know about it.

The Iconic Dad Hat

There are a ton of fun and practical hats you can get for your dad for Father’s Day. You can get him a hat with a funny dad joke or a simple hat he can wear every day. Shopping online gives you tons of options.