First Birthday Parties

We had 40 people crammed into our house to celebrate our little boy. Why? Why did I put myself through the stress, through the worry, through the planning, and spend all that money on a first birthday? Well…they only turn one once, right? The first year is a big year! Not only is it a time to celebrate your little one, it’s a time to celebrate you. You did it mama (and dad)! So celebrate it! The first year of life, to me, is the hardest. Your child can’t communicate; maybe breastfeeding didn’t go well, lots and lots of teething, the sleepless nights. But YOU DID IT!

I threw a big party for people to celebrate him, because honestly, he is such a joy to everyone. So yeah, even though it was stressful, it was so worth it. It was a lot smoother than I thought it would be and here’s why.


I like to remember these events, and I even have our first child’s first birthday invitation hanging up on the mirror in our room. And I wanted to have our son’s there as well. Mamas: let me give you a hint: 80 percent of the items I bought were from Costco! It saved me so much money.

Costco has birthday invitations where they come in bulk (obviously) of 50, for $13.99. Such a steal! I uploaded my pictures, put them on the pre-made template, and ordered them. Not only did I have enough for people actually coming to the party, but I had enough for extended family as well, who, even though they couldn’t attend the party, could still have an invitation.


Food is probably the most stressful part for me, because I am not a chef, and I worry that there won’t be enough. Luckily, my mother-in-law is a saint, and I asked her to help. I purchased the food, and she basically assembled it. Our menu was: glazed sandwich sliders, fruit platter, vegetable platter, pasta salad, green salad, lemon water. All from Costco. The fruit was amazing; I got bulk sandwich meat, bulk cheese, and Costco’s dinner rolls. It saved me so much money, and I spent about $100, for all of it.


Dollar Store, Dollar Store, Dollar Store! I cannot stress enough. Yes, I love Target, and it has amazing party supplies, but honestly, the dollar store has about everything I need, and it is cheaper. I got paper products, silver wear, napkins, cups, balloons, tablecloths, etc. I spent about $15 there, and never looked back.

The Cake Smash

I could have spent a fortune on a perfect cake for him to dig into, but so much goes to waste. Instead, I went to Target and bought him a single cupcake to smash, and he LOVED it and ate every bit. I then ordered delicious cupcakes from Target. I could have made them myself, but I didn’t want to stress myself out if they didn’t turn out. (Seriously guys, Target’s baking sections have incredible goodies). So I spent about $40 on cupcakes. And I never looked back.


I decided to get sentimental, and I made my sweet babe a “first year” video. On the iPhone, it comes with an app called “Imovie”. Simply upload the pictures and the music of your choice, and boom. A slideshow is complete. It took me about 10 minutes to put it all together. I decided to have everyone watch it after he opened his presents, and yes, I cried during the movie. It was a great time to reflect on his life so far, and how fast it’s come and gone!

His birthday might have been over the top, and he won’t remember a thing, but it was so worth it. Celebrate your little one, and don’t let anyone judge you for it.


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