Two Local Non-Profit Organizations Help Struggling Families Get Diapers

A baby needs six to 10 diapers per day, costing upward of $100 per month. Families who live at or below poverty level may have to choose between paying bills, buying food, or buying diapers (which cannot be bought with WIC or Food Stamps).

Without enough diapers for routine changes, dirty diapers get re-used, creating rashes and health problems. The result is that babies cry more and stress levels increase, making parenting that much more challenging.

The physical and social consequences for these babies and families are a growing problem. More families slip beneath the poverty level every day, making the cost of disposable diapers a factor in a problem that results in unhappy babies, unhealthy communities, under-educated toddlers, and under-employed adults. Something as basic as a diaper can have a huge impact on a family’s ability to become functional. Without clean diapers, babies can’t use subsidized childcare, and without childcare, parents can’t go to work because they have to stay home with their babies.

Two local non-profit organizations are doing something to help. The Jefferson County Child Care Association (JCCCA) and the Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot (RMDD) are working together to encourage diaper donations during their Diaper Drive this month, with a goal to collect and distribute 20,000 diapers and 500 packages of baby wipes to Denver metro agencies that serve struggling young families.

The JCCCA is a nonprofit association that supports family child care home providers by enhancing and promoting professionalism through education, networking, and other valuable resources and activities. The Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot is a Colorado nonprofit organization that raises awareness and provides diapers for agencies to share directly with families in need. The need for diapers in Denver isn’t seasonal, so to reduce the diaper need, the organization works all year round. Just $2 buys 10 diapers (a day’s worth), and RMDD currently distributes 5,000+ diapers a month.

Community Diaper Drive Drop Off on April 24th

Anyone in the community can drop off diapers and baby wipes on April 24th at Clements Community Center, 1580 Yarrow Street in Denver, from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. This is one way to help honor mothers this coming Mother’s Day. For more information and who to contact with questions, view the event flyer.