Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Every year, dads want to celebrate the mother of their children and kids want to make their mother feel special, but it’s easy to draw a blank as to what to do or buy to make the day perfect for her. There are traditional and less traditional gifts given on Mother’s Day. So many of us think flowers and chocolate, but flowers don’t last long and chocolate is fattening!

Another popular tradition is making reservations at a special restaurant, either for brunch or dinner. Restaurants that do brunch during big holidays are often not at their best, but when it involves kids, it’s well worth it.

And of course, it depends on what mom enjoys doing or getting. Some people opt for spa and bath products, perfumes, spring-scented lotions that can be used instead of some sort of figurine that gathers dust.

A special home-cooked meal by dad and the kids can also be a fun way to celebrate mom and all she does. Experiment with new recipes and surprise her with a tasty spread of foods.

A new bestseller DVD and cozy throw might make a nice package for mom.

Gourmet gift baskets can be an exciting surprise for mom, as they often follow a theme. You can even create your own, anything from a beach themed basket with sunscreen, a beach book, towel, flip flops, and sunglasses, to those with special items such as gourmet jams, cheeses, summer sausage, and shortbread cookies. Let your imagination fly!

Try Experiences Instead

Instead of gathering stuff, time together is a treasure for families, and often one that gets put aside as life happens. Try giving mom a memorable experience instead! Here are some fun ideas:

Paint and Sip

It can be fun for mom to get together with her female friends or her husband and family to paint pottery while sipping wine. It’s a great way to bond and a fun escape. And, you get a personal piece of pottery as a result!


If mom is a movie buff, Mother’s Day may be a chance to spoil her with movie tickets or for the family to go see a fun film together.

Tickets to a Play

For those moms into dramatic art, tickets to a play or show could be just the thing. They can be given for her and her friends or for the entire family.

Specific Denver Area Experiences

Mother’s Day Blooms at Max Taps

This flower arranging class in Highlands Ranch might be just the thing for mom. It takes place on Sunday, May 5th at 7 pm.

Comedy Works South at The Landmark

This Mother’s Day show features comedian Pat McGann on May 12th at 3 pm.

Mountain Flower Goat Dairy Bottle Feeding/Farm Tour

This outdoor event takes place in Boulder on May 12th at 11:30 am.

Spring Tea Musicale

This tea event takes place at The Molly Brown House in Denver on May 12th, at 3 pm.

Influential Women of Denver Mother’s Day Tour

Explore the rich history of Denver from a female perspective at Milkbox Ice Creamery in Denver on Sunday, May 13th, from 2:30 to 5:30 pm.

What Can Kids Get for Mom?

When it comes to what kids can get for mom, homemade is best. A special coupon book for gifts like housework, cooking, laundry, and other tasks that parents may usually do, can be helpful, as well as homemade crafts with the child’s photo and a hand-written note on them, that will be cherished for years.

Be Sensitive!

With Mother’s Day gifts, be sensitive about not giving things that create more work unless that task is a beloved hobby. If mom isn’t much of a cook, kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and fancy foodie ingredients may mean “more work”, unless she finds cooking to be relaxing.

Taking mom to a theme park may not be a gift, but work. It’s a matter of taste and knowing what mom appreciates most.


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