What’s Wrong with Prince Charming?

Right now, my house contains a three-year-old little girl obsessed with Disney princesses. She wakes up, gets her Princess Barbies, and wants to listen to their music as she plays with them. She has tea parties with them. She basically lives in her Rapunzel costume, and we end each night watching one princess movie. I love hearing her sing at the top of her lungs, “part of your world” or “when will my life begin?” Even if the lyrics aren’t quite perfect, and her pitch is a little off, it’s my favorite seeing her little imagination whirl and she actually believes she is a princess.

I can only hope, as a mother, that she finds her Prince Charming.

I have noticed the last two Disney princess movies have not had a Prince. Or a love interest really. Disney’s Frozen is about two sisters whose love is big enough to break any curse. Or Moana, whose brave heart and spirit is all her island needs.

I’m all for little girls knowing they are enough. Because they are. But once they have discovered themselves, what’s next?

I pray each and every night that my little girl finds a Prince Charming of her own.

I pray that she finds someone like Prince Eric who not only sees her for her beauty on the outside, but also the inside.

Someone like Flynn Rider who encourages her dreams, and supports her while making her laugh.

Someone like Aladdin, who challenges her and helps her adventurous side come out.

Someone like Prince Charming who wants to dance till the sun goes down.

Someone like Christoff, who would risk anything to save her.

Someone like Prince Phillip who falls in love with her beautiful voice.

Someone like John Smith who trusts her.

Someone like Shang, who loves her fighting spirit.

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my daughter longing for those prince attributes in her future one day.

I hope Disney continues making good male role models for my daughter, and I hope more than anything, that she sees that her dad is a wonderful example of a Prince.

But for now, I will soak up this stage of life. And sing with her, and dream with her. Because what little girl doesn’t want to be a princess?


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