Nurses: The Real Superheroes

I was making my way to the restroom, after just delivering my first child. It was the next day, and the epidural had worn off. The nurse wanted to see if I could walk a little, and see where my progression was. I felt like I knew this nurse. I mean, she had basically seen ALL of me. As I was walking, I remember getting a light headed, and I remember holding onto her. I passed out. I remember waking up on the floor, just moments later, and the nurse right by my side. If it weren’t for her, I feel as though the damage could have been much worse.

I remember her helping me up, and making my way to the toilet where I could sit. I’m not kidding, that pee was like a two-minute pee. She never laughed at me. Never judged me. Never said how gross I looked. I had blood along my legs, along my back, and I remember complaining about the IV that was in my hand.

She then asked if I would like a shower. Nothing sounded more beautiful to me, than a nice warm shower. However, I didn’t know if I could stand that long and maneuver the shower by myself. She helped undress me, and yes, she saw me in all my glory. She helped me in the shower, and washed my hair for me. Thank you, nurse #2.

As I was in labor, I remember the nurse holding my hand, helping me breathe. She was so encouraging to me, telling me I could do this, and that my baby was going to be in my arms soon. Every so often, she would even stand up to grab a tissue to wipe the poop that had come out as I was pushing. I felt so embarrassed. I said sorry to her a million times. I felt so bad that I was causing her all this clean up.  Thank you nurse #1.

Now, I KNOW this is what nurses get paid to do. I get that. But she didn’t have to wash me. She didn’t have to go the extra step and help put my underwear back on, with a fresh liner as blood dripped out of me.

Let’s keep in mind that not only are they taking care of us and all our fluids, but they are sleep-deprived as well. I am the rudest human alive if I don’t get enough sleep, but most of these nurses are doing 6pm-6am shifts. How? How do they do it? And, then when they are done taking care of us, they go home and take care of their own family.

Simply put, they are superheroes.