Make Your Own Embroidered Valentine’s Day Cards!

My favorite Valentine’s Day cards are always handmade ones from my kids. It’s so fun to see how their different personalities emerge on paper, and to look at the cards as the kids get older and their talents evolve. From little toddler handprint cards to fancier or funnier cards as they grow, it’s wonderful to look back on all the things they have made.

The card we created this year is perfect for kids who are old enough to master very basic sewing skills. It’s a great beginner sewing project – and older kids could embellish the card a bit more by using a wider range of colors or a more intricate picture. It’s great for elementary schoolers, and for kindergartners with a little supervision.

I also love these embroidered cards because you can change them up for any holiday. Embroider some flowers for Mother’s Day, or do a Christmas tree or Easter chick. So many possibilities! Here’s how to make them:


● Embroidery needle

● Embroidery thread in colors of your choice

● Pencil

● Cardstock

● Pens to write a special message

● Clear tape


Fold cardstock in half and cut to the size card you want. Draw your design on the front, lightly in pencil. We chose simple hearts – you could do a chain like we did, or one giant heart, or, depending on your drawing skills, you could try something more difficult! You could also make scallops along the edges of the card, or a zigzag design, or something to brighten up the edges with some color as well.

Take the unthreaded embroidery needle and punch holes along the lines of your design. These holes are where you will sew.

Thread your needle with your desired color and begin sewing. Tape the end of the thread to the back of the card to begin. When you finish, tape the other end of the thread to the back of the card as well. Grab your pens and write a special message to your Valentine, and you’re good to go!


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