A healthy work/life balance hasn’t always been discussed as an issue for working dads, but as many parents know, while a father’s challenges can be vastly different from those of a mother’s, dads also have to find ways to successfully juggle life at work and at home.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centura Health, Edward Sim, is doing just that. Not only does he oversee operations for Centura’s health care system, he also highly values his time with his wife, his 13-year-old daughter, and his 11-year-old son. While he’s lucky that his supportive wife stays at home managing the household and the children, his busy job means he must prioritize in order to maintain a happy balance.

“During the week I consider myself a chauffeur, getting my kids to and from school, and that includes as many athletic activities as possible,” said Sim. “My son plays soccer and flag football, and my daughter rides horses, participates in volleyball and track. So my weekends belong to my children. I love staying involved in their sporting activities. I make sure I talk to them daily, stay involved in their lives, and try to schedule my work obligations around them.”

Sim says that his work role is to help hospital CEOs and associated leaders to be better at what they do; it exemplifies his own personal mission to “help others get better – in health and in life.” He provides them with resources, guidance, and opportunities for growth and development. He holds them accountable for strategic planning. This means lots of time-consuming meetings, furthering Centura’s mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ.

His work also sometimes requires working evenings or late nights, but the rest of the time he enjoys spending time with his family at the end of the day.

“My kids understand what I do and why,” added Sim. “I think they appreciate the sacrifices involved and they’re learning how to incorporate what I do into their lives. I have the opportunity to demonstrate how to follow your purpose at home, at work, and in the community.”

Sim finds his work extremely fulfilling. He sees himself as someone who can enable others to improve what they do. His seven-minute commute also gives him the flexibility to have more time with his family.

“My wife takes wonderful care of the kids and the household, managing all the appointments required, and I’m lucky to have that support,” said Sim.

Managing Stress and Getting “He Time”

Sim is an early riser, cherishing the time he has before the rest of the family wakes up to go to the gym, relax with scripture, or do something as simple as watching TV or reading. He takes these steps by design and finds these activities rejuvenating.

“I like to exercise in the mornings, and I do everything I can not to bring my work home with me,” he added. “If I do, I may as well stay at work.”

He said that he works with an excellent team of colleagues and that his day-to-day interactions make him a better dad and husband. Often those who are away from their kids feel a sense of guilt, but he doesn’t dwell on the negatives. He maximizes his time at work and believes that time with his family is not about quantity, but quality.

When his work requires him to travel, he uses it to his best advantage. He’ll schedule early-morning flights and use TSA’s pre-check-in which saves him about 30 minutes. While in the air, he is focused, and gets his work done. “I pay attention to how I can use travel to best maximize my time,” he said. “As a man of deep conviction and faith, I believe that I can be successful at work, and balance that with my home life. It’s been deeply rewarding.”