Broomfield Resident Crystal Bergfield Runs for President of the United States in 2020

This month, Broomfield resident Crystal Bergfield launched her campaign to run for President of the United States in 2020. Her grassroots campaign is built on the acknowledgement of the inalienable rights of the people. Her campaign tagline, “Crystal Clear Politics,” represents her pledge to be transparent and truthful. She believes Americans can unite through diversity, which she says is a great strength that people are not tapping into.

Bergfield intends to pave a path forward that is just, responsible, equitable, sustainable, innovative, and prosperous. She will accomplish her goals through leadership by example and by clearly laying out a plan to move our country forward.

She promises systemic change by demanding accountability and instilling nationwide trust where people can come together to solve problems and make government a supportive leader of the people. She believes our political systems are currently failing the American people, causing widespread division.

“I’m running for president for all Americans,” said Bergfield. “My platform is democracy and I believe that our country needs a leader who will take responsibility for our government to support everyone.”

Her vision for the country is to ensure our country is prepared to address ongoing crises intelligently and cultivate American youth because they are the next generation of innovators in education, healthcare, military systems, technology, and public safety.

“I feel as if my story connects with those of so many Americans and that will be very important as I continue on this path toward presidency,” added Bergfield.

Raised in rural Illinois on a farm, dedicated to producing food, where she worked all hours of the day, she’s learned from the beginning about personal responsibility to resources that we are given.

“The reminder of my humble beginnings and my uphill battle to find my personal power is part of what drives me to restore humanity and support restorative justice. Restorative justice gives us the opportunity to learn from our past and use the new found lessons to create an America that we can all be proud of.”

Bergfield joined the U.S. Army’s elite 82nd Airborne Division during the Iraq war and the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Her experience was a test of her fortitude and deepened her conviction for truth.

“I believe we can change the culture of harassment in the military,” she said. “We can all say something. We’ve lost our innocence and curiosity that is seen in children. With a reality check, we can assess where we are today, and build trust going forward.”

Embracing diversity, she’s always made connections with others, to understand how they think and what makes them do what they do. She’s spoken to people in 48 states and has a network of thousands, having touched thousands of kids through schools, mentorship and Boys and Girls Clubs, a teen development program where young people learn to participate and show respect across all socio-economic sectors and religious faiths.

Education and Healthcare

Bergfield’s two prime objectives are to invest time and energy in education and solve the current healthcare crisis by thoroughly auditing both systems. And by bringing stakeholders (those invested in solving crises) to the table, discussing intentions and implementing a plan that is just, equitable, responsible and innovative.

“Healthcare is a basic human right,” she said. “Until we accept that and our systems reflect this right, we will continue to unsuccessfully combat the consequences of physical and mental illness.”

Bergfield envisions a mentally healthy student population who can count on good schools that will develop the skills necessary to thrive physically, emotionally, and independently.

“Part of education reform includes addressing school safety. Violence in schools and around our country is a symptom of mental instability, and this instability often stems from feeling hopeless and unsupported. Until we address the large systemic issues built into our current systems, we will continue to see a rise in violence and crime. I am ready to tackle and solve our country’s greatest deficit: our humanity in leadership.”

Empowering Women

Bergfield intends to empower women to take personal responsibility and make positive change. She will create a safe space for women to become leaders across all industries and segments of the population.

Women have been suppressed long enough. I’m tired of being questioned about my abilities for the sheer fact of being female and I think all my ladies feel the same. We are an asset and demand to be treated as such.


Infrastructure is becoming more important than ever before, with an essential need for repairs and maintenance of roads, bridges, and other public safety concerns. Bergfield wants to give more power to local government to make the best decisions for their regions.

Bergfield’s experience working with the City of Westminster in Colorado has enabled her to create programs that bring opportunities to the local community. Through service, integrity, and teamwork, she has been able to use her core values to effect change.

Restorative Justice

“I want the opportunity to address those involved in the juvenile detention system to establish coping mechanisms to deal with everyday stresses,” said Bergfield. “Prison reform is critical. There are too many citizens incarcerated for one minor mistake, while the financial side is corrupt. We are in a culture where we can’t admit guilt. We need to change that by recognizing the humanity in youth offenders, while protecting the interests and safety of the public.”

Bergfield’s message to Congress is: “if you’re not here to serve the people, then leave. It’s essential that every American understand you’re on board with them and are there to serve our needs.”

To the Naysayers

Bergfield is a leader, a servant who has figured out the system and believe she can make positive change through her strength, intelligence, and passion for her work. To naysayers, she says to reflect on U.S. history. It’s not necessary to be a politician to lead. Bergfield’s experience in agriculture, the military, and education has given her the ability and determination to be very clear on where the government is spending money, because right now she says the government is running for profit when it should be the opposite.

“I’m an altruist. I’ve always wanted the best for everyone, and I’m creating a social movement,” she said. “My campaign is a collaborative effort in truth, and striving to do good, and I’m bringing the most resourceful experts to the table to devise strategy that will meet our goals for the future.”

Her goal is to be on the ballot by the end of 2019.

For more information about Crystal Bergfield’s campaign, visit: Crystal Clear Politics.


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