Top 10 Family Halloween Movies

So here we are, the last weekend before Halloween. Although not cold and snowy yet (not a complaint!) it’s the best time to snuggle in for some spooktacular family faves. Here’s the Top 10 in our streaming library:

Goosebumps: R.L. Stine doing his thing. Fun story line, great special effects and cast (Jack Black.. need I say more?). BONUS: Did you know Goosebumps 2 premiered a couple weeks ago? We haven’t seen it yet so we can’t rate it but we’re stoked and will keep y’all posted.


Hotel Transylvania:

All the monsters are on hand to celebrate Mavis’ birthday (Dra’s daughter), but she’s a teen now (118 to be exact) , ready to spread her wings and fly. It’s never easy to letting go of Daddy’s Little Girl, human or monster.




It’s Marnie’s 13th birthday and she discovers her cool Grandma (who is visiting, a rarity) is a witch. Who wouldn’t sneak onto the crazy bus with their siblings and follow her home? Good thing they do because Halloweentown is in trouble, evil looms and they need her entire family to save them!


Halloweentown II, Kalabar’s Revenge:

The gang is back! Marnie is now 15 and after a series of unfortunate events is back in Halloweentown undoing the “Grey Spell”.




The 80’s classic. Three former parapsychology professors start up a unique ghost removal service, ridding the Big Apple of it’s otherworldly. What could go wrong?

I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts..


Hocus Pocus:

The new kid in town (Salem, MA no less) doesn’t believe in witches and curses, especially on Halloween. The Sanderson Sisters have some news for him.



The Haunted Mansion: 

If you’ve done Disney, you’ll recognize some elements. Eddie Murphy takes us on a fun ride.




Another classic. A young couple die unexpectedly, finding themselves trapped in their own home they’re stuck haunting. They befriend a macabre household member and must save her from a naughty spirit they enlisted to “help” them. Scary for the younger kids, fun for the olders. Who doesn’t love Wynona?

Just don’t say it 3 times..




I know it’s a stretch but Halloween is in it and he’s the cutest ghost ever. Whatever excuse we need to hang with our fave gentle alien and Elliot. Am I right?

Hold the Polaroid flash, please.



When you fall for a girl but your pesky Uncles are a huge pain (and you’re a ghost)? Relationship status: It’s Complicated

He’s friendly (and we love him).