What to Consider When You Fill Out Your Ballot

Understand the Issues When You Vote for Governor on June 26th

The 2018 Colorado gubernatorial primary election takes place Tuesday, June 26th. As a parent, it’s important to be aware of those issues that directly affect you and your family.

There are four Democrats and four Republicans running for governor. Independents can vote in this primary for either party. Snapshot profiles of the eight candidates below include their stances on issues we think are worth considering to encourage innovation for the future, ongoing good health, and safety. Each candidate runs on varying platforms so it can be difficult to compare and contrast. It’s still worth taking the time to make sure you’re informed about who’s doing what to ensure the best for your family. For more in-depth information about who you’re voting for, follow the links to the candidates’ websites.

The Candidates:

Mike Johnston (D), former State Senator

Mike Johnston wants Coloradans at any stage of life to be eligible for up to two years of debt-free tuition for community college or skills training to prepare them for jobs in exchange for providing meaningful service to the state. He wants Colorado to be the best state in which to run a business. He hopes to partner between and among workers, employers, the state and federal governments, sharing responsibility. He believes costs can be shared through Federal tax credits through the Pell Grant and American Opportunity Tax Credit for Colorado students. Johnston is sponsoring an online sales tax program that will generate new revenue, as well as employer investments that result in essential training for employees. For more information, visit https://www.mikejohnstonforcolorado.com/.


Cary Kennedy (D), former Colorado State Treasurer and former CFO and Deputy Mayor of Denver

Education is a top priority. She wants to help fund renovation and replacement of more than 380 crumbling and dilapidated schools across Colorado with new state taxes. She intends to pay teachers as professionals and empower them to be leaders in the community. She’s advocating for making schools more equitable by closing the achievement gap. She wants to make healthcare universal, affordable and accessible. She will protect citizens by keeping guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves or others. In order to help Colorado families own their own homes, she will create a state-wide affordable housing fund. For more information, visit https://carykennedyforgovernor.com/.


Greg Lopez (R), former Mayor of Parker

Greg Lopez’ priorities are public education, second-amendment rights, and civil liberties. He supports charter schools, vouchers, and other innovations that benefit the educational needs of students. He wants to see teachers prepare students for “real life” jobs, for those who may choose a career in trades, rather than attending college. He will always protect the right to keep and bear arms and believes that restricting law-abiding gun owners does not serve Colorado. He will work with the legislature and community to sign bills that promote safety for every Coloradoan. He wants the availability of mental health resources to be a primary focus. He also intends to improve Colorado’s transportation corridors to eliminate long commute times. For more information, visit www.greglopez4governor.com.


Donna Lynne (D), Lieutenant Governor

Of top importance to Donna Lynne is increasing health care accessibility and maintaining or reducing costs. She has fought alongside Governor Hickenlooper to help save and improve the Affordable Care Act, because it’s been a success in Colorado, where it has cut in half the number of people who didn’t previously have health care. She also wants to improve student performance, expand child care, and establish affordable higher education. She is fighting for affordable housing, as well as funding for better roads, bridges, and public transportation. She intends to create a living wage, and protect Colorado’s public lands. For more information, visit http://lynneforcolorado.com/.


Victor Mitchell (R), former State Representative

Victor Mitchell wants to increase employment opportunities and make it easier for small, independent businesses in Colorado to function by limiting regulations. He intends to expedite job certification to make Colorado a job-friendly place, and lower costs on consumers. In education, he believes all state funding for higher education should be earmarked for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs. There should be a greater emphasis on remediation to prepare those coming out of high school to be college-ready. He also wants an increased focus on vocational training. He believes citizens should have access to quality health care and low-cost prescriptions. He will look outside of the traditional insurance model, and create lower out-of-pocket costs, to support innovation in the state’s health care industry. For more information, visit http://www.vic4gov.com/.


Jared Polis (D), U.S. Representative

Jared Polis is determined to establish universal full-day kindergarten and preschool across Colorado in the next two years, and intends to close the achievement gap. He wants to raise the minimum wage and provide family medical leave, as well as ensure equal pay for equal work. He believes passionately that health care is a human right. He will work to lower the barriers to receiving affordable, high-quality, universal health care. He is committed to gun violence prevention by standing up to the gun-manufacturing lobby and commit to passing universal background checks as well as closing the gun-show loophole. He intends to establish the bold goal of 100 percent renewable energy, to help Coloradans save money on utility bills, and create green energy jobs that can never be outsourced. For more information, visit https://polisforcolorado.com/.


Doug Robinson (R), Businessman

Doug Robinson is passionate about creating a pro-business economy, generating hundreds of thousands of high-paying, quality jobs across the state. He wants to improve education outcomes for kids, by increasing high school graduation rates. He will work to increase the amount of STEM education in class rooms. He intends to fix critical transportation problems, and equip rural communities with high-speed Internet access.  He will improve health care by reducing costs and focusing resources on prevention and wellness. For more information, visit https://www.dougforcolorado.com/.


Walker Stapleton (R), Colorado State Treasurer

Walker Stapleton believes the proliferation of so-called “Sanctuary Cities” is a direct threat to public safety and the rule of law in Colorado. He will explore any avenue to end these Sanctuary Cities that shield illegal immigrants from the law. He will fight for all Coloradans to have access to high-quality education by expanding school choice and driving innovation that increases student achievement. He will demand results from the Colorado Department of Transportation to improve the state’s failing infrastructure. He is in favor of protecting second-amendment rights, and he will focus on championing policies that spur job growth throughout Colorado. He will create a positive business environment that works for organizations big and small. For more information, visit https://www.stapletonforcolorado.com/.


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