Today I ran the Bolder Boulder with my son. For the sixth time.

I don’t really like running. Running is hard.

People ask me why I run if I don’t like running.

I had time to think about that today. I run because I can. I run Bolder Boulder because I get to run with my son.

I run this race and think of the fathers and sons that are not running, that will never be able to run together. I can run because fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, people I will never meet, served and sacrificed so that my son and I could have this day together. I run because not to run would be wasting the gift of freedom that has been given to me by these people I will never meet. Thank You.

Don’t waste the gift you have been given. Don’t forget the men and women, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters that have given you this most precious gift of freedom.


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