Busy Metro Moms Can Now Feel Better About Getting Their Cars Serviced

How One Dealership Helps Explain What Goes on Under the Hood

Busy metro moms in the Denver area often juggle work schedules both day and night and don’t have the time to take care of important things like servicing their cars. They also don’t want to worry whether or not they’re getting honest service. What they want is a lifestyle that offers convenience, trust, and transparency.

Now there’s a way to get the most out of car servicing visits and to better understand exactly what’s going on under the hood. Larry H. Miller Automotive (LHM) has launched an innovative procedure to show customers what is happening with their car once they drop it off for service. LHM Volkswagen Lakewood began its video explanation service a year and a half ago, and you don’t have to drive a Volkswagen to use it. The service is offered to any car.

Here’s the way it works: when you drop off your car, LHM makes a video, narrated by the service technician who walks through the process of checking out the car, including close-up shots of underneath the car and the hood. If the car’s check engine light is on, for example, the technician can quickly read the code and find out what the issue is, explain it, and recommend a solution.

The video not only shows the technician inspecting all of the car’s parts, it contains a running commentary on what customers see. The video is then sent to your phone or email, after which time the service department reviews the video together with you either in person or via phone, whichever is most convenient. This saves time because decisions on repairs can be made quickly, which means your car will be back on the road faster. After the service, the video is kept on file for reference and training.

LHM records approximately 20 to 30 videos per day, depending on how many customer cars come in. According to current customers, they appreciate the video because it’s not every day they get to see the underside of their car and hear from their technician simultaneously.

For a quick look at an LHM service technician’s video explanation, visit https://qkvideo.net/j/e3ef8d06.


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