Colorado Products: Denver Parks & Playgrounds guide, coming soon

We were thrilled to promote Chris Sekirnjak’s book “Run, Stroll, Hike, A guide to Denver’s family-friendly trails” in our holiday gift guide this year and he’s following up with a comprehensive guide to playgrounds in the Denver Metro area.

A web search may bring up the 5 or 10 “best playgrounds”, but what about the other 500 locations? Do you know all the wonderful neighborhood parks near where you live? What if you are visiting an unfamiliar part of town and would like to find a nearby playground or park? A guide book to over 500 playgrounds & parks in metro Denver. Includes GPS-enabled smartphone app.


6e6ee526207976e85fb50e357bcfb9f8_largeThis guide will present an overview of the public playgrounds in the metro area, with a detailed description of the 50 best locations. A free version of the smartphone app will be bundled with the book. Both book and app will be completed by the 2014 holiday season, in time to make this a nice Christmas present! Get the app through this campaign months before the book launch!


High-quality full-color print book
Approximate pages: 60-90
Reviews, ratings, and photos of public play areas and their parks
Info on playground size, features, restrooms, and accessibility
Mobile app with map showing exact locations of playgrounds

Chris’ project is currently a proposal on kickstarter, help him fund the new book by essentially placing a pre-order. Different donations get you different benefits when the book comes out. Go check it out and help a local author!


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