Sparkly and Soft ~ Girls Shine in Famous Footwear’s Holiday Shoes

‘Tis the season of tootsies. What is it about candlelight and twinkly trees? People love to step out in our very dressed-up best. But we also like to hunker down for cozy times with our favorite people and a vat of hot cocoa. Luckily, you don’t have to choose one or the other when it comes to your daughter’s feet. Famous Footwear is featuring a deep selection of the most stylish AND most comfy scoots of the holiday season without breaking the budget.¬†Here are two of my favorites.

First, let’s shine:

I adore this spunky design that transcends traditional Mary Janes. Buster Brown’s Layla in Black/Silver is a sweet twist on a classic. Silver hearts adorn the tippy-toes and encase dancing, jumping feet.



There are so many places your girl can look her best, including holiday dinners, concerts, religious services, family photo sessions, parties, and even school! These could be worn a lot. I paired them with traditional holiday tartan, red satin, green velvet, and a deep blue. Amazingly, they work with everything.



Thoughtful touches include a stretch elastic strap. You can avoid awkward buckling battles when little fingers can’t manage. Also, and this is a biggie for me: The tread! A lot of dressy girls’ shoes have no tread, which makes walking in icy and snowy conditions dangerous. The textured rubber soles will provide more grip than many shoes out there.


Buster Brown’s Layla shoes are currently on sale at Famous Footwear for $24.99. Normal retail is $34.99!

Now, let’s snooze (or, at least, hunker down):

One of the hottest shoe trends this fall and winter has been moccasins. Minnetonka is one of the best-known makers of these cozy classics for nearly 70 years and Famous Footwear has a wide selection.



Dream about sinking into Minnetonka’s Britta Trappers in a glorious, winter-blues-busting pink.


The quality is stellar. I think they would make a fabulous gift for girls of all ages. After the holidays, a long winter lurks. Imagine how much nicer winter could be with her feet (and yours!) snuggled deep in cloud-like cushion like this.


These Minnetonka Britta Trappers also come in Tan and are on sale for $24.99 right now—save $5. Don’t forget the teens, men, boys, and yourself! Minnetonka makes cozy shoes for everyone.


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