American Girl Doll Store Pampers Denver

I’ll admit it. I’m not a mom who ‘buys into’ all the hype of the latest toy, gadget, gizmo. I’ve witnessed too many toys brought into our home accompanied with a strong sense of excitement by the owner (one of my children), only to be cast aside days, maybe weeks, if we’re lucky –  months later out of sheer boredom.

So it was a big deal when I decided to be spontaneous and take my daughter and her American Girl doll, Kit, to the store by the same name. My son had no choice but to come along. I know American Girl doll-lovers everywhere will be jealous to learn we are within 25 minutes of this wonderous shop in Denver. No need to go online for us. The big white star on the outside of the red store front is like a beacon to little girls and their parents. Come inside, we’ve got what you need. Or even what you don’t, but the little girls in your life will bat their silky eyelashes and convince you that you are the best parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent on the planet if you just ‘get me that, one of those and oh, yes, please, THAT.’

Kit was a hand-me-down doll from my middle daughter who is now nearly 21. My nine-year-old wasn’t sure she loved her at first. Until she realized that Kit really looks more like her than her big sister.

I thought it was time to check out the ‘spruce up’ salon package. Kit’s hair needed a boost. My son also decided Kit needed some ink pen tattoos around her face, on her arms. Little did I know that it is suggested you make an appointment for your doll. We happened to luck out though. None of the doll chairs in the salon were occupied. Until, of course, Kit took her seat of honor. Then they started filling up like it was prom day.

I’ll admit, it was a fun hour. The looks on the faces of both of my kids were worth the modest investment of $20. The hair style we selected was $15, which included my daughter’s choice of ribbon colors. The pamper package was another $5 (to remove said tattoos and any dirt & grime).

Honestly, it was worth every penny. Kit looks like a new doll.

The stylist pointed out our good fortune to own a doll designed by the original doll artist company. She showed us the insignia on the back of her neck. Good reason to take care of her, which we had, really. Especially after I glanced over at some of the other salon chairs. Whew. Some of the other dolls seated in those chairs looked ROUGH.

Once the styling and pampering was complete, our stylist gave us a little parting gift. Colored stickers in a rainbow of colors to use as a mani/pedi for our doll. Kit is one lucky girl. I highly recommend this little adventure. Take your camera. I had my cell phone. I wish I had taken my 35 mm, but it’s all good.

And I think the trip landed me in the nice mom group, I’ll venture to say, the best mom ever group. I hope it lasts as long as Kit’s hairstyle. A month in and I’m still cool, Kit’s hair is still pretty and my daughter has a renewed interest in playing with her.

Thanks to grandma, Kit now has a sister, McKenna, the doll of year for 2012. Our next trip over to Park Meadows Mall will include getting McKenna’s ears pierced for $14. They even screen print t-shirts for the dolls. The 2013 doll of year, Saige, wears stylish boots and one of her hobbies is riding horses. I think she’ll be popular ’round these parts.

Kit hangs out a lot with my son or they all play together. I wonder if the American Girl Doll company has considered making an American Dude Doll? They do have babies, twins, where I’ve seen a boy doll, but he wants a pal.

I’m sure Kit and McKenna will need a salon visit again soon. Little brother is happy to intervene where cleanliness and smooth hairstyles are concerned.

Do you have any American Girl dolls in your family?