Top 10 Denver Parent Posts of 2012

If you’re a blogger or just someone who likes to record their life events, you’ll know that looking back on a year is fun and enlightening. Here at Denver Parent, we love looking back to the top traffic posts of 2012 – just to see what

photo courtesy Colorado State Patrol
photo courtesy Colorado State Patrol

interested you!

Monster Truck Jam Returns – yep, the #1 post of the year is for the Monster Truck Jam – know what’s great? It’s

coming up soon again!

Colorado Car Seat Laws – this post was inspired by our confusion over what was law and what was a suggestion – apparently many other people had the same questions!

Honey Pineapple chicken Thighs in the Dutch Oven – the first of two recipe posts that made the top 10 – this is a really great recipe and has become a family staple for us!

Aurora Colorado Shooting and how to talk to your Kids about it – sadly the first in two posts about horrible dramatic events that happened in the Denver area this year.

iStock_000013242580XSmallLeftover Post Roast Boeuf Bourguignon – a  yummy way to use up leftover pot roast! Obviously a problem many family have.

Jessica Ridgeway, when the answers just aren’t there – too close to home, this little girl was taken from our neighborhood and our children knew about the search. This is the heartache when we found out what happened.

Financial Friday: Why do we always fight about Monday – a common subject for a tough economy, this post by guest poster David Berky is president of Simple Joe, Inc, was interesting to a lot of area people.

Is a non-traditional School right for you – Open air academy might be a great choice – guest poster Chris Bird, visited the Open Air academy and gives us her thoughts about non-traditional school choices.

babiesBring Your Baby to Matinee – gives basic info on the “Bring your Baby Matinee’s” by The Bump and AMC Theaters as a great follow up to this, Kia Ruiz gave us her review of her experience!

Get Creative with your Thanksgiving Table – and finally a creative post with some hints on festive tables at Thanksgiving!

Thanks everyone for a fantastic 2012 and we hope to bring you a lot more in 2013!!


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