Parents on Election 2012: Capitalism or Socialism? You Decide.

On November 6th, 2012 we will be making the most important political decision of our lifetimes. It is not just a decision of who will lead, but what guiding principles our country will follow from November 6th forward. Will we continue to be a nation based on capitalistic ideals, free markets and rugged individualism, respected by our friends and foes alike around the world? Or will we join our European brothers down the road of socialism where “fairness” is our guiding principle and appeasement our foreign policy?

On the Economy

We constantly hear this mantra of “fairness” repeated by Obama, even often inserting it in speeches as a common American value alongside freedom, liberty and justice where it has never been before. The fact is, fairness cannot be legislated. Who decides what is fair? And, fair for whom? Is there really any fair way to make everything exactly equal? And, is equality of outcomes always fair?

The founding fathers recognized that putting in place equality of the law and equality of opportunity is what would make America great, not equality of outcomes or situation. But, now, there is a rising population within America, fueled by the constant class warfare rhetoric of Obama and the left, who believe they are owed. And it is the nameless, faceless rich, who no doubt got where they are by taking from them who owe them. So, let’s stick it to them! Sorry, but as Mitt Romney put it: “Trickle-down government” does not work. We have Obama’s failed, $787 billion stimulus bill to prove it.

Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney has intimate knowledge of how the economy works. He spent most of his life in the private sector, working as a business consultant after earning dual degrees from Harvard Law and Harvard Business School. He then went on to found Bain Capital where he helped to launch or rebuild over 100 companies including Staples, Bright Horizons and The Sports Authority. He has the specific skill set needed to bring our economy back from the brink, just as he did when he walked away from making millions at Bain Capital to save the 2002 Winter Olympics which was on the verge of collapse.

On Vision

As President of the Olympic Games, Romney donated his entire salary and severance pay to charity, just as when he was Governor of Massachusetts, he and his Lieutenant Governor both refused a salary for their entire four-year term in office. Romney has a long record of unpaid civil service and charitable giving. In 2011 alone, Romney donated over $4 million to charity or over 19% of his income. He is not only a smart businessman, but also a compassionate and caring member of society who gives back and will continue to do what’s right for the least among us as President. Serving is at his core. One only need listen to the stories of the men and women who have worked with Romney, to know that he is the right man at the right time for America.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Obama, whose background shows us nothing but the willingness to do whatever it takes to get ahead politically. Despite Obama’s claim that he worked as a civil rights attorney during his brief career in law in Chicago, the majority of his client list was actually in the areas of real estate, construction and finance. From the little-known case he worked as the lead defense attorney for a Chicago slumlord and strong political ally who failed to provide heat and running water for nearly a month in January with below 0 temperatures, to his later real estate business development partnership with mentor, Tony Rezko, Obama’s professional career was short and profitable.

And then there was the 1997 speech that launched Obama’s career: a political strategy utilizing creative financial packaging of subprime loans for the poor in Chicago. A strategy he successfully played out, even suing Citibank, forcing them to give these loans against all financial acuity. Half of Obama’s clients went bankrupt. Sound familiar? It was Obama’s model that the entire nation eventually followed suit on, creating the subprime mortgage crisis.

But that wasn’t the entirety of Obama’s vision. His speech also outlined providing not just housing, but schools, childcare, job training, medical coverage, food and clothing. In so doing, Obama and the politicians who supported the programs would gain lifetime political votes and advocacy for themselves, as well as endless campaign contributions from participating developers. This cradle-to-grave government support system that entraps people in a lifetime of dependency is seen stretching its’ legs in many areas of Obama’s Presidency. It is even illustrated by the Obama campaign website in the controversial Life of Julia video, harshly criticized by conservatives.

You can see Obama’s vision playing out before your eyes (if you’re paying attention) in the introduction of Obamacare, where eventually everyone will be forced into a single-payer healthcare system, like Britain’s – socialized medicine where the government becomes part of all your healthcare decisions. But, that’s only the beginning.

To think that with just one more Obama term, America could be striking an irreversible path to becoming another Western Europe? Scares me. I’m voting to keep the American Dream alive. I’m voting for my daughter’s future. I’m voting Romney.

Chris Bird is a designer, WAHM of one, reformed Democrat and pilot’s wife living in Colorado. She writes about family travel as Standby Traveling Mom on as well as her many misadventures and life in between at Follow her on Twitter.