Charity begins at home: How to help people affected by the Colorado Wildfires

When I started this series, I never foresaw a disaster right here in Colorado, but we’re now in the middle of some of the worst wildfires and Governor John Hickenlooper has declared that “This is the worst fire season in the history

Fire over the Flatirons in Boulder

of Colorado,”.

The two best ways to help your Colorado neighbors is to donate money to the American Red Cross (the Colorado Chapters website is here) and further you can monitor this site – is a partnership CDEM) and Colorado Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster (COVOAD). This initiative brings together government agencies and non-profit organizations so they may better assist communities affected by disasters.

Here’s another article that includes links on how to help the HUGE quantity of brave firefighters fighting thes terrible fires: How To Help The Fire Victims, Firefighters.

If you know of any more resources, please leave them in the comments below!