We got a chance to see TRex Encounter last week at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and wow what an exhibit. I’m constantly amazed at how far the technology for these “step into the days” exhibits go and honestly standing next to a grumpy TRex may be taking that too far!

The exhibit opened on September 16 and will run through January 8th. Tickets are $12 for adults, $6 for Juniors/Students and $8 for Seniors. The good news is that these tickets include the special exhibit AND general admission which may be important for some.

For the dinosaur enthusiasts in your family the exhibit is fantastic with amazing animatronics that “sense” when you’re near and react and “will react to your every move, sizing you up as friend, foe, or their next meal”.  Far surpassing anything I’ve ever seen in the way of “movement” these dinosaurs really do seem to come to life. Culminating in “Sue” the Trex recreated in all her scary glory!

A word to parents of young or sensitive children tho. My 10 year old had to be dragged into this exhibit and my 9 year old spent a good 15-20 minutes warming up. The exhibit is dark and loud and well…full of scary dinosaurs. I think it’s a HUGE benefit that the admission includes the rest of the exhibit, maybe take a few minutes to walk around, poke your head in and then go back. In retrospect a slow entrance probably would have helped for my kids. However, some kids will resist the exhibit all together, so be prepared.

There are educational shows around the event and an Dinomax 3D Double feature at the Imax theater (tickets sold seperately), which there’s no way I could drag my kids into, but for the dinosaur fans, it would be great!

Oh, and you get a bonus picture of you being eaten by Sue, what could be better?