Sensory Friendly Films – Cars 2 in sensory friendly style

The week Cars 2 opened in theaters I finally got an invitation to the Sensory Friendly films that we could make. I get the announcements through he Autism society and usually they are just a few days before the film – which by that time we’ve made plans for the weekend or to go see the film ourselves.

This time we were able to see the film.  It was a wonderful experience and we’ll definitely be back! We saw the movie at AMC Flatiron 14 in Broomfield (at Flatiron Crossing) and it was a great way for our sensitive kid to see a movie! (by the way, we loved the movie too!)

So, you may ask, why “sensory friendly”? Well you don’t have to be autistic to know that some kids have a hard time with the theater, the sound is way to loud, you can’t see your way to the seat (which can be scary) and now with the new 3D films the entire experience can be very overwhelming. So, the theaters have joined together to offer a chance for first run films to be seen in a different environment. They turn the sound down, they turn the lights up and they don’t kick your kid out if they’re loud or have to get up and walk around.

According to The Autism Society’s website:

In order to provide a more accepting and comfortable setting for this unique audience, the movie auditoriums will have their lights brought up and the sound turned down, families will be able to bring in their own gluten-free, casein-free snacks, and no previews or advertisements will be shown before the movie. Additionally, audience members are welcome to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing – in other words, AMC’s “Silence is Golden®” policy will not be enforced unless the safety of the audience is questioned.

But you do not have to have Autism to attend – kids with sensory disorders or even sensitive undiagnosed kids are encouraged to attend. The theater we saw Cars 2 in was not anywhere close to full and the manager came at the beginning to adjust the sound to everyone’s satisfaction and make sure everyone was comfortable and happy. We couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Dates for the next films (if you’re a planner like me)  – all shows are at 10:00 AM and regularly priced at the early screening price.:
July 23rd: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -2
August 6th: Smurfs
August 27th: Spy Kids 4 – All the time in the world.

Check the Autism Society’s page for a theater near you (nationwide – so pass it on!)