The elf queen guides adventurers across the forested wilderness
Renaissance Adventures


Our “Quest Leader” camp counselors are skilled storytellers that weave the participants – the “Questers” – into the tale by allowing them to be the first-person heroes of the quest. It is the Questers’ decisions that matter, and as these decisions and actions are made by the kids, the Quest Leaders are equally skilled at modifying the plot of the story to factor in the heroes’ decisions.

When the heroes must overcome some obstacle in their journey, the Quest Leader uses props, sports equipment, Swasher swords, and game mechanics to challenge the heroes to see if they succeed and what the results are.

As each scene progresses, the story unfolds, and the kids experience what it is like to make difficult decisions, succeed or fail at challenges, work together as a team, battle against fierce opponents, and emerge victorious to save the kingdom.

It is an unforgettable experience, fun in every way, and an incredible tool to develop 21st century skills.