Local Romance Novelist’s First Book Is a Tantalizing Read for Summer

Denver-based author Krista Sandor’s book, The Road Home, is the first of her five Langley Series novels that combines romance and an unsettling mystery in a story about a woman’s escape from her dreadful past and her journey into a true-love relationship. In a note to the reader before the dedication, the author warns that the story contains descriptions of adult relationships, sexually graphic situations, and adult language. So it’s probably not for your kids, but for adults, would make a sizzling summer read.

Sandor’s writing style is similar to that of many writers whose works of literary fiction I’ve read. I liked that her story wasn’t contrived; the plot line followed a realistic and plausible chronology of events. I was expecting something seriously steamy, but it’s definitely no Fifty Shades of Grey, which I read last year for the first time, to see what all the hype was about. Even with some of the graphic sexual scenes, Sandor uses vocabulary that is soft on the ear, without being crude, vulgar, or obscene. And these scenes help her characters’ development as the story progresses.

For anyone who has fallen in love, this novel will let you experience the infusion of the sentiments and emotions you might have experienced when you were smitten.  

The Langley Park Series consists of the following titles:

Book One: The Road Home

Book Two: The Sound of Home

Book Three: The Beginning of Home

Book Four: The Measure of Home

Book Five: The Story of Home

Sandor said that romance saved her because after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, in those early trying days, a friend suggested that she write romance novels. Doing so gave her the escape she needed and developed her love for the genre. Today she is an MS Warrior living life to the fullest. When she’s not writing, she is often found running 5ks and chasing her growing boys around in her Denver home.

Readers will be pleased to know that this summer her next sexy series about three brothers who are heirs to a billion-dollar Colorado mountain sports empire will be available.

For more information, visit: Krista Sandor.